Wicked Design Week @portanova12

In conjunction with the now usual Bolognese initiative at the end of September Bologna Design Week, Portanova12 Gallery of Contemporary Art presents in its premises an unusual collective exhibition in which the Fine Art produced by Street / Urban Artist codes meets the Interior research Design of the latest generation intervening curiously to corroborate the atmosphere of closed spaces (residential and non).

"There is no outside and there is no inside because what is outside is inside" (HH), this maxim is a basic, transversal law that applies in every field in the presence of relevant indices and the urban arts deeply influence the our aesthetic perceptions in a contemporary epoch in which society has become fluid, in which everything is connected and it is clear that even the boundaries become labile so that the disruptive aesthetic codes impressed outdoor (on the urban fabric) punctually break inside (in the living spaces) and viceversa.

The event is intended precisely to underline this interchange and will be made possible thanks to the collaboration between the Gallery and a well-known and versatile Bolognese designer - Pietro Travaglini - who will take care of the project by creating ad hoc spots where its avant-garde Design creations will dialogue with the works producing unpredictable and salient aesthetic harmonies.

The exhibition / event will open Thursday 27 September and will be open until Saturday 29 September from 17 to 21. A unique opportunity to reiterate precisely with style that "there is no inside and there is no outside..." ... when you it deals with authentic artistic creations and obviously this also applies to Architecture and Design.

Inauguration: Thursday 27 September 2018 (h.17-21)

Show / event: from Thursday 27 to Saturday 29 September (h.17-21)