RAID is a format with horizontal development, created by artists for artists. The author is always free to decide on his work. This approach raises artists from unnecessary external burdens, providing them with the opportunity to offer their own act. Freedom of action, freedom of choice, freedom from the market.

Raid foresaw the raid of 16 artists in a disused factory to realize as many site-specific interventions with materials recovered on site, within 6 hours. The works will be abandoned in turn, a symbolic act aimed at celebrating the vestiges of a glorious Italianity, through the reformulation of its ruins.

Each artist will be equipped with a webcam connected to a Youtube Live channel. The Internet is neutral and fertile terrain to develop the operation. The device is the medium that offers the public a pocket and ubiquitous museum. Global.

The entire operation will be available exclusively via live streaming, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday, January 28th on the website, author of the entire project.