The stage of the fourth edition of R A I D is a Hotel, an active Hotel, the Hotel Caselle.

Indecipherable aesthetics, maniacally clean, the building is located within the asphalt embrace of junction 13 of the Bologna ring road. 24 rooms, entrance hall, reception, key ring, breakfast room, corridors, the cleaning trolley, any wall, all beautiful large, toilet, garden, lemon, shed, parking, showcases, the answering machine, the lighting, the musical lineup , everything can be sublimated.

To emphasize and celebrate authoritativeness, R A I D will turn this non-place into a magnificent non-place. Interventions aimed at transforming it into a unique welcoming structure, with the intention that this, through a participatory and genuine artistic operation, can widen the perspectives and attract an audience not accustomed to this thrift of stars.

A platoon of reconstruction composed by painters, sculptors, photographers, film directors, curators, designers, musicians and a hotel manager.

Friday, February 2, at 10 am the raid begins. Everyone is free. FatStudio is a medium, not the curator. In a maximum of 6 hours R A I D transforms everything, in live streaming.

The Manumission Motel will be open on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 from 11 to 15.

Hotel Caselle
via Caselle, 113, 
40068 San Lazzaro di Savena (BO)