“Gibson: The Sound of Art”
The third edition of the collective of works of art inspired by the historic models of Gibson guitars returns to Milan.

On display during Milan Music Week 2019, the third edition of the artistic project born from the union between Gibson and some of the greatest Italian exponents of the visual arts.

After the great success of the past editions, the third edition of "Gibson: The Sound Of Art" returns from 19 to 24 November during Milan Music Week 2019, the collective exhibition of works of art inspired by Gibson guitars and created by most promising exponents of the visual arts and beyond.
At Patrizia Serra's Spaziotemporaneo Gallery, the works of twelve Artists will be on display with their very personal interpretations of Gibson guitars, each made according to their own technique and aesthetics, through the use of colors and with the introduction of material elements .

The result of an original and unusual transformation project inspired by the world of music, unique and unrepeatable elements of art originate from historical models of Gibson guitars, which have defined the sound of multiple genres of modern world music, becoming objects that experience a new dimension .

Thanks to the creative vision of artists from often profoundly different backgrounds, the works created and exhibited represent a new concept that derives from the fusion of music and visual arts and will be on display at the Spaziotemporaneo Gallery in Milan (via Solferino 56), a place which the last 30 years has given lifeblood and visibility, between personal and collective exhibitions, to emerging and non-emerging artists on the national and international scene. For "Gibson: The Sound Of Art" each artist has the opportunity to express themselves through the exhibition of their own reinterpretation of the Gibson guitar and to place it alongside another work chosen from among the most representative of their aesthetics.

During the exhibition the works of: Alessandro Ottolina (sculptor), Pietro Travaglini (designer), Vandalo (writer), Gabriella Benedini (sculptress) will be exhibited Davide Toffolo (guitarist and frontman of Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti, cartoonist and pioneer in Italy of the Graphic Novel), Gozer Visions (illustrator), Giulio Iacchetti (designer), Claudio Borghi (sculptor), Piero Gemelli (architect, photographer and artist), Annapaola Martin (photographer and videomaker), Paolo Proserpio (graphic designer), Andy (artist and co-founder of Bluvertigo).

The designer Pietro Travaglini has reinterpreted the iconic Gibson Firebird guitar creating Evanescenza, a Rock solo of our time, where everything is uncertain and almost never defined, where everything is transformed and nothing remains unchanged, things, people, music, a guitar.... so also the sign of the artist.

Galleria Spaziotemporaneo
Via Solferino, 56

19 - 24 November 2019